Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Help! We were robbed!!!!!

Who says men don't cook?
King of the Hill anyone?

"They have books Mom!!!!" Anna's favorite!

In typical boy fashion, Bodie found all the boys to play with and Annelise found the girls. It's so funny to watch human nature take over. The boys played with the strollers for about 45 minutes running all around the entire place. The were Daddy's on a mission!

Pizza anyone??

Ok, not literally but it sure felt like it when I took the kids to Rafiki yesterday. Rafiki is an indoor play area for chidren and parents. Truly, it is nice and clean. There are numerous stations for the kids to play, a coffee bar for the parents or any other care givers who need mass doses of caffiene to keep up with the little people, and lots of things to climb on or over other than my own personal furniture. HOWEVER~ It was $7.95 per child!!!!!!!!!! For those of you who are as bad at math as myself that is over $16 (after tax) for my children to play for a few hours. I am a cost savvy gal (some call it cheap) when it comes to activities for the children. Planet kid is free for us for a whole more 9 months, public library puppet shows are free, Barnes and Noble story hour. . . again free! So maybe I am just in shock but they did have a marvelous time and it was a lot of fun for us all. They played with lots of other kids and ran around like hooligans. I love it when a kid can be a Hooligan!

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