Saturday, December 20, 2008

We love Santa. . . or NOT!

Yesterday we set out to get our favorite holiday Santa on film. This is Santa visit #4 for the kids and all of our other visits have been pretty uneventful. The visits were tear free and although Annelise isn't sure about Santa her brother doesn't seem to mind him at all. Until yesterday that is! We showed up during Santa's lunch hour and were forced to wait a solid 45 minutes for his return. Then the line grew so fast you would have thought they were giving out free drinks for the parents. No such luck! By the time we were front and center for Santa Claus he had already spoke to the babies and they were just fine with him so we remained hopeful. The second we put the twins on Santa's lap both Bodie and Annelise acted as if they had been pinched or abandoned forever. I have to tell you that it was hilarious! Santa tried his best but the babies were not buying whatever holiday cheer he was selling! The very second we touched the babies they completely quit crying and were fine only an inch off his lap. We love the tradition of visiting Santa and are certain that our future visits will be filled with excitement. Until then, we thought this photo would remind every single one of you of your child at the curious age of one and the days when no one was more safe than mommy and daddy.

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~Sophia and Noahs Mommy~ said...

This santa pic is hilarious!!!!!!! LOL I just love having a boy and girl its so fun!!! Your babies are so cute.