Saturday, February 28, 2009

Babies on the Go-Go!

I love this expression!

Don't try this at home. It's a man's job for sure! Bodie helps his Daddy every morning stack the kindling for a fire. You should see how proud he is of himself when the orange glow lights up the room.

I love a happy baby!

Static cling???

Seems we rarely slow down around here anymore! This week was full of play dates, parks, and adventure. We enjoyed an afternoon at the public library with our buddy Anson and his mommy Amber. I mixed up a few dates and we were attempting to hit the once a month puppet show only to find the theatre empty. Oh well! We read books and and hit the Municipal Park in downtown Boise that we all love! No matter what, seeing our friend Anson was a special treat.
The kids played at our standard Rafiki on the coldest day and helped mommy on her weekly errands. We got to see Grandpa Duane and Nanny for lunch as well.
On a very thrilling note. . .Mommy's cousin Jessica and her husband Tyson welcomed their baby boy Weston this week!!! He is beautiful if I must say so myself! We are sending them lots of hugs and kisses! We are so happy for their new family!

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Machelle said...

Seriously, do you EVER slow down?!?! Too cute! I can not wait for that age, ok, yes I can. They are getting so big already!! But I am ready to go to parks and the beach! I wish we lived near one another!!