Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Park crazy!!

"Let's make our park plan. Divide and play!"
"A wheel but no car? Hmmmm???"

"I'm on my way Bodie!!!!"

"Is that a slide I see?"

"I'll have one cheeseburger please and a milk."

Today we felt like rock stars on tour! On tours of parks of course! The weather was too beautiful to be inside and so with that we hit the road. Maybe it's just me but I always think the twins like seeing new places, or at least places we don't see often, so we thought we would go to a park we hadn't been in a while. The babies had a blast and there we met three other sets of twins! Wierd! The only thing the park was missing were the baby swings and my kids LOVE those things. So, it was sunny and so nice outside that we decided to pack up after a couple hours and head to our favorite. . . Settlers Park. We managed to grab our favorite man (Daddy!) on the way and played some more. We literally played from lunch until dinner. Can't think of a better way to spend our day! Oh, and I have to tell you that Annelise can often be heard calling for her brother now days. Just listen for "Bo. . . .Bo. .. . .Bo!" It's so sweet. Bodie's newest thing is doing a lot of kissing. I mean a lot! I can't complain though. A mommy takes her kisses for as long as she can get them!

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