Monday, February 2, 2009

To be a twin. . .

If you haven't clicked on the button on the right for Tuesday I would sincerely encourage anyone to please do so. No, we don't personally know them but the two year old twin girl named Tuesday passed away of cancer on Friday night. A parent's very worst nightmare and I cannot begin to imagine how much grief they are feeling right this moment. Any and all thoughts and prayers would be so deeply appreciated.
For our family, the idea of Bodie ever having to be without Annelise or our Nanners without her Bo just breaks my heart into a million small pieces. Twins are a uniquely special gift and as much of a gift as they are to us they are so much more to each other. They are thick as thieves most of the time and even though they can fight famously, there is a love between the two that is more rare than anything I have ever known. I thought the photo of the two of them dancing together this weekend was very fitting.
So please keep this family in your thoughts as they begin a life without one of their twins and as her twin sister Piper navigates a new world with out her other half.

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