Monday, February 9, 2009

A weekend of events!

Daddy hitting some big air!
Kara and Tyler about to take the plunge!

The kids and Daddy at the snowbike races.

Annelise showing us she's a camp fire girl for sure.

Bodie's surprise look as he hits the horn!

What a beautiful weekend it was!!! Things just couldn't have been nicer and the babies were in a great mood all weekend so that always serves as a double bonus to whatever fun we are trying to have. First we headed to McCall where the sun was out in full force. It was packed but the kids loved it! We saw some of the ice sculptures in town and watched the snowbike races in the afternoon. The races were pretty fun and one of our friends even took home first place. Whoohoo! We winded out the afternoon lounging at the cabin and then my friend Kara's wedding at the Shore Lodge. All I can say is she looked stunning and the wedding was breathtaking. What a great way to start their future together. McCall is always a treat for us and it's nice to be able to visit just a few hours from home.
We followed up our crazy weekend by heading out to the desert in Murphy so Daddy and some friends could ride motorcycles. As luck would have it, the weather was again so nice! The temperature was on the low side but the sun was shining and we were all having a great time watching all our friends jump, ride, and laugh it up together by the camp fire. The kids have really shown us how great they are at traveling since they were small. It's such a blessing that they can be so adjustable to new places and people. Even the once shy Annelise has few traces of her old self. I would never know it was the same girl as she bounds towards new people and adventures. All our hard work seems to have paid off!

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Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

I cannot wait until my guys have legs they can stand on, you guys have so much FUN!! I love the pic of Annelise all bundled cute! My other favorite is Bodie in daddy's sweatshirt, that bottom lip is priceless!!! Oh...and the boys are fraternal, but starting to look more alike as Kellen gains weight after his surgery.