Saturday, February 21, 2009

Just for my Dad!

Yesterday I was on a mission to fix my recently problematic camera. This was a job I thought my father would be of great use for. He likes cameras and although he rarely uses his I knew his opinion would be handy. Reluctanlty he decided to join us. With one baby sleeping in the car I ventured in to go over my problem with the sales clerk and my Dad stayed in the car with the babies. After about five minutes I was getting ready to walk out and here comes my Dad with Baby Bodie in tow followed by Anna Banana. To make a long story short, if you know my Dad you know we BOTH left with fancy new cameras and all the trimmings! I certainly wasn't expecting my Dad to buy me a camera but I must say I do LOVE it!!! So here are the first test photos. They love the new camera as well.
My Father's generosity is one of his truely amazing gifts. It's more than material things he showers us with. He is always available when you need him and he has never been near without making us laugh. He came to the NICU every day when the babies were there and a day is never complete if I don't hear his voice. It's true I have always been a Daddy's girl but if you know him you know why.


~Sophia and Noah's Mommy~ said...

so sweet. I love my daddy too. :)

Brandy said...

Aaaah, it's easy to be a daddy's girl with my uncle duane!! Such a sweet tribute to your dad, I can hear him grumbling something sarcastic in the background :)